Deepartment House w/ Fannie Mae, Eva Gallo

Einlass: 24.00 Uhr | Beginn: 24.00 Uhr


Eintritt: EUR | VVK: nur Abendkasse

Deepartment House w/ Fannie Mae, Eva Gallo

Fannie Mae | Universum Alltona | Deepartment House

Eva Gallo | Deepartment House

Marlon Grell aka Informer | Deepartment House

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Deepartment House returns to the club.
After a nice summer out in the open, we have collected enough musical emotions and love to remind you of the
whole dark season.

Let's stay one night in contact to celebrate this with fluffy Tech House by Fannie Mae, she's the heart of
Deepartment House and take you on a journey between straight danceable rythm's and cheesy Tech House.

And then there is Eva Gallo, the soul of us, sometimes dark and sometimes darker. Techno as its best. She's
technicaly one of the experienced woman's in the north of Germany.

Marlon Grell aka Informer, when we are there, the body of Deepartment House. Normaly his music is categorized
by Chicago House and Detroit Techno.
But tonight he give a very special collection of Acid House and Techno up to Technoclassic's.

Jack your body, your mind, your heart and your soul with us.
Let's jack this together. For a uncontrollable desire.